Plate 4 Plate

With every delicious burrito or bowl you buy at Zambrero, we donate a meal to someone in need thanks to our Plate 4 Plate initiative and customers like you who continue to join the movement against world hunger. With the help of our partners Rise Against Hunger and Foodbank Australia, we've now donated over 20 million meals!

More About Plate 4 Plate

What 20 Million Meals Looks Like

At Zambrero, we know that a meal donated to someone facing hunger can do so much more than feed them. A single meal can nourish, but it can also empower an individual to help break the cycle of poverty.

Now imagine the impact 20 million donated meals can make. Plate 4 Plate is a simple concept to turn your mealtime into a meal for another as well.

With your help, our goal is to donate 1 billion meals by 2025 and become an organisation leading the fight against world hunger.

Find out what goes into a meal pack here.

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