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Why Zambrero?

When you join the best Feel Good Mex Franchise you are joining Australia’s largest support network of passionate franchise restaurant owners and business support specialists. Serving up the Best Zam Burrito in Town and dedicated to our mission to end world hunger. 

Read our Zam story and Plate 4 Plate initiative to learn more about our Feel Good Mex. 

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When you join as a Franchise Partner at Zambrero, you become part of our extended Zam Fam and make a commitment to partnering with us to bring an incredible experience to our customers every single day.

To learn more about the Zambrero franchise download our guide below. 

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OUR FOUNDER | Founded and inspired by Dr Sam Prince, a doctor, entrepreneur and philanthropist who cares about the wellbeing of his customers and the world at large.

OUR GLOBAL FRANCHISE | We have a truly global presence! 250+ restaurants globally spanning Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, and New Zealand

OUR MODEL | Our easy Franchise operation provides format flexibility and a low upfront capital investment!

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OUR PRODUCT | We serve Mexican food differently! Our menu is freshly prepared, with a focus on healthy ingredients to bring delicious new flavors to the Mexican favorites you love.

OUR MISSION | What’s more important is why we do it! With every burrito or bowl sold, a meal is donated to someone in the developing world through our Plate 4 Plate Initiative.


Zambrero restaurants can be found in all shapes and sizes, ranging from your traditional restaurant strips, to bespoke builds, right through to drive-thru formats. Our dedicated team will help you find the restaurant that is perfect for you, one that matches your investment capacity and lifestyle. The fact that our restaurants don't need ventilation and require smaller power loads (compared to other competitors) means that we can make designs to suit all shapes and sizes.


Zambrero Franchise Journey

Our Founder, Dr. Sam Prince



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We're ready to roll out more Zambreros

Zambrero is already thriving in over 215 locations across Australia and an additional 35 locations overseas. We see a great growth opportunity across metro Australia locations. We also have a limited number of existing franchise opportunities available.

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Leasing & Property Managers

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Where should Zambrero open next?

Are you a Leasing Manager, Leasing Agent, Property Manager, or someone who just gets giddy over Commercial Real Estate? Zambrero is keen to build relationships with like-minded leasing agents to help us find the perfect spots for our Feel Good Mexican food havens. Not only will you be helping us expand the Zam Fam, but you'll also be part of an even bigger movement. Our Plate 4 Plate initiative donates a meal to someone in need for every participating meal purchased at our locations. So, not only will you be finding us the best restaurant spots, but you'll also be contributing to a good cause.

We're considering sites between 80-120sqm in High Street Strips, Shopping Centre Externals, and Drive Thrus up to 150sqm. We want to be front and centre, where everyone can see us and get there hands on the best burritos in town. Join us and let's create a world where good food meets a good cause.

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