Zambrero | Plate 4 Play Day Event Volunteer Terms




1. FIT & ABLE TO PARTICIPATE: This project will involve assembling and packing meals for delivery. A degree of physical activity will be required. I am fit and able to participate and will disclose any condition that may affect my ability to participate.

2. RISKS MAY BE INVOLVED: My participation will be in a warehouse or large hall in which equipment that is potentially dangerous may be used. I am aware of the risks involved in my participation.

a) follow all Work Health and Safety (WHS) policies and procedures and will immediately report any hazards;
b) take reasonable care for my own health and safety;
c) take reasonable care for the health and safety of other people;
d) comply with the Volunteer House Rules below and any lawful and reasonable direction given by a supervisor; and
e) not use any equipment or tools without being requested to do so.

4. WEARING OF PROTECTIVE PERSONAL EQUIPMENT such as gloves is for my protection. If gloves are not worn, any skin complaint will be my responsibility.

5. FILMING & PHOTOGRAPHY will take place during my participation. My image and audio (including of my voice) may be recorded by or on behalf of Zambrero (the “Material”). To the extent that the Material contains copyright or other intellectual property I irrevocably assign all right, title and interest in the Material to Zambrero. Zambrero may use the Material at its sole discretion and may publish and reproduce any part or all of the Material through all means available (including print, electronic, internet, television or other methods) or assign the Material to third parties to publish or reproduce anywhere worldwide. 

6. VOLUNTEER TIME: My participation with the project is on a volunteer basis only. My participation will not create any relationship of employer and employee, or principal and agent, between Zambrero and I.

7. HEALTH & WELLBEING: I will stay home if I am feeling sick or unwell. Health and wellbeing is a shared responsibility. As individuals we have a responsibility to modify our own behaviours to ensure our own health and wellbeing, and the safety of others. 


SIGN ON ATTENDANCE: Under WHS Rules & Regulations all volunteers for each site must SIGN ON upon arrival in the Volunteers attendance folder and SIGN OFF when finished.

WAREHOUSE EQUIPMENT & TOOLS: All requests to use equipment & tools (including (i.e. pallet jacks, trolleys, tape guns, pallet wrapping, mop, brooms etc.) must be approved by the designated site supervisor(s) and returned to the supervisor(s) once the job or task is completed.
If any item of equipment or tools required from the site office must first be approved by the designated site supervisor(s) then returned to supervisors(s) once a job or task is completed.

Volunteers should take responsibility for assigned tasks to be fully completed and/or advise the designated site supervisor of incomplete work before leaving the site at end of day.
Volunteers are required to ensure all tools and equipment are returned to designated site supervisor(s) before leaving at end of day.

AGE RESTRICTION: Due to the nature of the activity, we recommend that all volunteers can comfortably reach equipment on trestle tables whilst standing. The minimum age for attending is five years old and children must be strictly supervised. 

LIABILITY: To the full extent permitted by law, Zambrero and its associated companies and any of its personnel (the “Relevant Parties”) exclude all liability for any loss (including any damage, claim, injury, cost or expense) which is suffered or incurred by any volunteer in connection with participating in this project, including without limitation:
       a) any indirect, economic or consequential loss;
       b) any loss arising from the negligence of the Relevant Parties; and
       c) any liability for personal injury or death.