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The brands history is a culmination of stories and deliberate acts that have established what we know today as, Zambrero.

Furthermore, it is thanks to a notable group of strong individuals who have helped Zambrero’s founder Dr Sam Prince grow and shape the Zambrero brand. These individuals have committed their lives to the Zambrero purpose, bleeding green and adopting a way life to help achieve success through a harmonious orchestra of service and product, collectively working towards bringing an end to world hunger.


#1 Zambrero Braddon Opens

Our Founder


As a fresh faced, ambitious 21-year-old medical student, entrepreneur Dr. Sam Prince, recognised that Australia lacked a choice for healthy, fresh Mexican cuisine. In 2005, whilst still studying, he opened his first Zambrero restaurant in his hometown of Braddon, Canberra. Zambrero remains wholly owned by Dr Sam Price from inception.

Sam’s extraordinary story does not stop here. With parents raised in rural Sri Lanka, Sam was always motivated through his parents’ life experience to start a business that would help those less fortunate than himself.

Sam wanted to serve good food that did good. Leading him to create an initiative that would in turn deliver millions of meals to people in need the world over and make an impact on the state of world hunger. He called it Plate 4 Plate.

Living by the motto that his mother passed down to him, “expand your life to the limits of your mind and expand your mind to the limits of your life,” Sam set up seven other successful businesses, all with a humanitarian focus, including not-for-profit, One Disease.

Chapter One


The person most influential in shaping the brands story in those early stages and still today is his mother, Thilaka.

At a young age Thilaka defied the odds by breaking through the grip of poverty. Born into a small Sri Lankan village outside of Galle, she was raised by a strict family that held her education above all else.

As a result of Thilaka’s work ethic and determination she earnt a series of scholarships that would see her through to graduate from a University in Colombo , then acceptance into Universities in England and Scotland

With a deep seeded sense of responsibility, Thilaka would continue supporting her family and village while studying and working in Scotland. She provided financial support to help build wells in her village to ensure a constant supply of clean drinking water and electricity.

It was this very notion of kindness that ignited a fire in Sam to carry on his mother’s good will and pass on the baton of kindness.

Chapter Two


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2010 Canberra Business Point Emerging Entrepreneur Award

2010 FCA Winner Franchisor Social Responsibility Award

10 Restaurants

Chapter Three


With seven restaurants successfully operating throughout Canberra and Adelaide, Sam made the strategic decision to move to Sydney in a bid to grow the Zambrero brand.

In 2008, while working as a medical practitioner, Sam opened Sydney’s first Zambrero restaurant in Darlinghurst. Little did he know that this would be a pivotal opening that would lead to the launch of Zambrero restaurants across each capital city in Australia.

Sam was awarded the ‘2008 Most Outstanding Young Person of the World’ by the Junior Chamber International.

Chapter Four


Introduced to Sam in 2009, Chris Scott has become an instrumental figure within the Zambrero brand.

Opening Zambrero Rundle St in September 2009 - the first Zambrero restaurant outside of the ACT. Chris’ ongoing commitment has helped to drive the growth and the success of Zambrero throughout South Australia.

In 2019, Chris Scott was presented with the ‘Loyalty and Longevity Award’ at Zambrero’s Annual Conference for his outstanding role as a brand ambassador, Franchise Partner and restaurant operator for both of his restaurants, Rundle Street and Hindley Street over the past decade.



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2011 FCA Running Up Franchisor Social Responsibility Award

2011 BRW Magazine Fastest Franchises List



A young, humble and highly successful franchise partner with a proven track record, Luke purchased Zambrero Gungahlin in 2011 and has since helped to lead the growth and success of the Zambrero brand in Canberra. Luke is known throughout the network for his ability to cultivate strong restaurant teams, he continues to live and breathe the Zambrero purpose.

In 2014, Luke was presented with the ‘Rookie of Year Award’ at Zambrero’s Annual Conference in the Yarra Valley. Five years later, Luke was proudly presented with the ‘2019 Franchise Partner of the Year’ award at Zambrero’s Annual Conference in Adelaide for the success and performance of all five of his restaurants in the ACT, NSW and Victoria.


1 million meals donated through Plate 4 Plate


2012 BRW Fastest Franchises



Joining Zambrero in 2011 as the SA Regional Manager, Tim became an influential figure across the business. In 2013, Tim was promoted to National Training Manager, introducing and managing new Franchise partners to the Zambrero family. In total Tim would go on to induct 50 franchise partners to the network, teaching the foundations to successfully operate and grow a Zambrero restaurant.

Six years later, Tim began his own journey as a Franchise partner, opening his first Zambrero restaurant in Seaford in 2017.

Today, Tim is a multi-unit owner with the launch of two more restaurants in Colonnades and Reynella in South Australia.


2013 BRW Magazine Fastest Franchises



A seasoned franchise operator, Karim became the first Global CEO of Zambrero. Previously leading some of the Australia’s most recognisable brands including Video Ezy and Jetset. Karim was instrumental in establishing the team and setting core business foundations for Zambrero’s national and international expansion.

During his time Karim led the brand through rapid growth taking the network from 30 restaurants in Australia in 2013 to 160 in 2017 spanning across Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.



Steve started his career at PricewaterhouseCooper (PWC), however soon realised his passion for entrepreneurship greatly outweighed his interest as an accountant. Following his departure at PwC, Steve went on to launch his first startup – a social-commerce platform that was featured as one of Apple's Top Lifestyle Apps. Leading Steve to be featured in The Australian and BRW, labelled as one of Australia's Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25 by Startup Smart in 2013. In the same year, Sam was awarded ACT Young Australian of the Year, drawing their paths together with Steve subsequently joining Sam as his apprentice.

Emulating Sam’s example, Steve would go on to work with Sam to co-found Shine+ Think Drink. A nootropics drinks range that would go to be sold in all Australian major supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations. Steve continues to shine as he continues his journey as an extraordinary, award winning entrepreneur in his own right.


2014 BRW Fast 100

2014 QSR Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

Zambrero Launches Into New Zealand

50 Restaurants



The youngest and one of the most influential Zambrero team members joined in 2013. Bianca was introduced to Zambrero whilst completing her Bachelor of Business at UTS Business School, undertaking a project case study and internship.

Recognised by Sam, she was offered a full-time position as HR Assistant in 2014 and within a year was named HR Director for the entire Sam Prince Group. In 2015 Bianca won the Australian HR Manager of the Year from the Australian HR Awards honouring her work across the Sam Prince Group to date.

In 2016, Bianca stepped away from HR and commenced working across the business as General Manager, Zambrero International. With Bianca’s deep understanding of the brand and a strong advocate of Plate 4 Plate, she was the perfect candidate to plant Zambrero’s roots in the Americas. Playing a critical role in establishing key relationships with both investors and suppliers in preparation of the launch of Zambrero in the US.

Under Sam’s guidance and mentorship, along with Bianca’s proven dedication and contribution to the brand, she was appointed Global CEO of Zambrero in 2018 following Karim’s decision to step down in pursuit of becoming a Franchise Partner and opening his own Zambrero restaurant.
In 2018, Bianca was awarded the Rising Star Award by QSR Media Detpak Awards, signalling the industry’s recognition of Bianca’s talent, hard work, and tenacity.


100 Restaurants

5 million meals donated through Plate 4 Plate


2015 BRW Magazine Fast 100

Bianca wins 2015 Manager of the Year from the Australian HR Awards

2015 Annual Vision Trip is held in Vietnam



Joining Zambrero’s finance team in 2014, Xue would grow to become a cornerstone of Zambrero’s Head Office.

Her strict, diligent and insightful approach would help

to expand the business through rapid growth. A strong advocate for the Zambrero brand, Xue played a crucial role in the introduction and support of new financial systems and processes that would help protect, manage and grow the future of the Zambrero along with its humanitarian initiatives.


150 Restaurants

2016 Zambrero Launches Into Ireland

2016 Annual Vision Trip is held in Philippines

2016 Winner QSR Best Sustainability Initiative

2016 Winner QSR Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

2016 - 10 million meals donated through Plate 4 Plate


2017 Annual Vision Trip is held in Vietnam



With Guy’s wealth of insights and experience, he quickly become a significant driving force behind the success of Zambrero on a global scale.

In 2017 during a meeting with Sam, he was presented with a compelling proposition that would combine his passion for retail and experience from EY. The opportunity to support Sam’s vision to make Zambrero a global brand and to donate one billion meals through Plate 4 Plate.

Later that year, Guy accepted Sam’s offer and joined as Chief Financial & Operating Officer. 18 months later on 1 July 2019, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sam Prince Group.


2018 Plate 4 Plate meals donated count reaches 20 million


2018 Zambrero launches into the US

Bianca is awarded 2018 Rising Star Award by QSR Media Detpak Awards

2019 200 Restaurants

2019 Plate 4 Plate meals donated count reaches 30 million


2019 Annual Vision Trip Held In South Africa



After stepping down as global CEO of Zambrero, Karim continued working under the Zambrero brand, developing a deeper understanding and insight to owning and operating a Zambrero restaurant.

In November 2019, Karim took his love for the brand and brought to life his dream of establishing a Zambrero restaurant in Sydney’s diverse cultural hub, Newtown.

We thank Karim, our most successful CEO today, for transforming his passion into a new life as a franchisee.