Spoil yourself with our self-indulgent new winter-warmer.

The Triple T Deluxe boasts a hat trick of perfection, that’ll warm your soul right through till spring.

Customise yours with a choice of barbacoa beef, chicken, pulled pork, lamb or vegetarian/vegan fillings, then sit back and enjoy a seriously tasty time out. 

Available for $13.90 in restaurant and $17.40 delivery, for a limited time only. 

Triple T Deluxe Card
Truffelo Card

Truffelo Sauce

The sublime blend of truffles, chipotle and cumin, in our rich and creamy Truffelo sauce is guaranteed to blow your mind after every mouthwatering bite.

Cheese Card

Twice The Cheese

We’ve doubled the volume of gooey cheese to create the ultimate comfort food. With all of that melted flavour packed in to every Triple T Deluxe, you’ll find delicious cheesy taste in every corner.

Toasted Card

Toasted To Take On Winter

For the finishing touch, we impeccably heat all of those divine ingredients until they combine to create pure, burrito bliss. The Triple T Deluxe is a toasted tortilla, packed full of Feel Good Mex that will warm your hands and your belly.